Looking To Purchase A Commercial Garage Door? The Three Factors You Should Consider When Selecting One

18 November 2017
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If you own a warehouse, auto repair shop or a welding shop, you may be looking to purchase a commercial garage door. A commercial garage door is used as a way of accessing a commercial space. It plays an important role in protecting the items you place in the space, insulating the space and making your space accessible to you. If you are in the market for a new commercial garage door, you may have no idea what to look for in the doors. Here are three important factors you need to pay close attention to when you are looking to select one:

How the Door Opens and Closes

One of the first decisions you will have to make is how you want the commercial garage door to open or close. The majority of commercial garage doors are roller doors. When the door is opened, the metal wraps around a roller in a circular motion. This helps to free up ceiling space in your commercial space. Additionally, you can select doors that slide from side to side to open or close, or open or close along a rolling track system, like a residential garage door. 

The Type of Material the Door is Made From

Once you have figured out how you want your commercial garage door to open or close, you will have to figure out what type of material you want the door to be constructed from. Some garage doors are made of aluminum, some from steel, and others from wood or vinyl. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of material. For example, aluminum is the most affordable, but it dents easily. Steel is strong and durable, but it can look cold. Wood looks beautiful, but it requires the most maintenance. And vinyl requires little upkeep, but it can be pricey. 

The Thickness of the Commercial Garage Door

The last factor to consider when you are picking out a commercial garage door is the thickness of the garage door. There are a few different thickness to look at. The first is the thickness of the metal. The lower the metal gauge, the stronger the metal is and the more secure it will be against break-ins. The other thickness to consider is the R-Value. This tells you how well the door can insulate your space. The higher the R-Value, the better the door will be at insulating your space. 

Once you have figured out how you want the garage door to open or close, the best type of metal and the right thickness for the door, you can turn to looking at the design elements of the doors and the price. Taking all of this into consideration will help you find the door that best meets your needs and will offer your commercial space the protection it needs. 

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