Four DIY Barn Door Projects To Make The Most Out Of Space With Custom Design

13 November 2018
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If you are looking for ways to improve the use of space in your home with interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, then you may want to consider options for using barn doors. These sliding doors can be easy to build and install yourself with hardware kits. Here are some of the DIY barn door projects that you may want to consider making the most out of space with unique custom designs.

1. Rustic Exterior Storm Protection with Barn Doors to Protect Patios

A patio with large glass windows and doors is vulnerable to damage during storms. Adding barn doors to these areas will allow you to open the patio for use in nice weather and close it off to protect the glass from damage during severe weather. Barn doors will also add an interesting rustic design to outdoor living space designs.

2. Using Barn Doors to Create Dividable, Multi-Use Spaces in Your Home

If you have a limited amount of floor space in your home, you may want to use barn doors to create dividable space. This is a great option to keep an open floorplan design, but also be able to divide spaces for different uses when you need to. For example, the doors can be used to open or close off space to a dinning room or living room that is near the kitchen.

3. Hang Existing Doors on Barn Hardware to Solve Opening Problems

There are some of the doors in your home that can be a problem when you open and close them. These doors may get in the way of cabinets or appliances in the kitchen or make it difficult to get into a small bathroom or other room in your home. To solve these problems, you can take the doors off the hinges and hang them on barn door hardware to make them sliding doors that do not get in the way.

4. Creative Barn Doors Wall Decor and Hidden Storage with Shelving Behind Them

Barn doors can also just be used to change or transform interior decor. Hanging barn doors can be a great way to hide shelves that are full of clutter or nick-knacks. If you want to make the design more interesting, pictures, paintings, and wall decor can be hidden behind the doors, so when you open or close the doors, the look of your interior design will change.

These are some interesting projects that you may want to do with barn doors. If you are ready to start a DIY project like one of these, contact a barn door retailer, such as 2 V Custom Doors and Rustic Designs, to get everything you need to get started with your project.