Closing One Door And Opening Another: Door Closing Equipment And Hardware That Changes A Door Forever

7 October 2019
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Doors are interesting things, if you make them that way. There are all kinds of hardware and door closing equipment that can make any door in or out of your home as unique as you like it. Take a look at some of the following examples to change the way you open and close doors around you. 

Pneumatic Opener

This is commonly found on commercial doors, such as those that open and shut at your local grocery store or movie theater. You can get these installed on your outside doors on your house, if you really want them. The plus side is that your kids will not be able to slam the doors while going out of the house anymore. It takes some effort to open the doors, so you cannot yank them open and slam them into a wall. You cannot slam them shut either because the pneumatic system installed above the door moves at its own pace and not at the speed the person going out the door.

Sliding Opener

This is another type of opener that slides one door panel over the top or behind another stationary door panel. It is a commercial type of door opener, but it can be customized for patio door use. You would have to talk to a door opener company to see how this adaptation would work. 

Barn Door Hardware

This is a hot, trending type of door hardware right now. A large, wooden door panel hangs suspended from a bar that is installed over an opening in the wall. The door has rings installed along the top that allow you to slide the door back and forth over the bar above. It is called a "barn door" because it mimics the sliding door of most barns, but this indoor version has much nicer hardware and the door itself is very decorative. If you have too wide an opening in a wall between rooms, this type of door and its accompanying hardware can help visually divide the space. 

Vertical Lift Doors

There is another type of hardware and adjoining door that creates a very interesting way to get in and out of a space. The vertical lift door, or "airplane hangar" door, raises straight up and down. It can be disguised to be a complete wall and not a door at all. Some people even make the door look like a set of windows in line with other glass windows, but the door still lifts straight up and down. If you have a gallery or display space that needs to open up completely to the outside, a vertical lift door (via electricity and a motor) is the right door for this job.