7 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Over-Head Door Installation

30 September 2022
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You have to budget if you plan to install or replace your overhead door. However, overhead door installation costs vary, and the final price depends on various factors. This article explores the top factors that affect your overhead door installation costs.

1. Size

As a rule of thumb, the larger the overhead door, the higher the installation costs. For instance, two-car overhead garage doors are more extensive, use more materials, and require great attention to detail. As a result, their overhead door installation cost is higher. On the flip side, roll-up doors are smaller and need less installation time, hence costing less.

2. Material

Doors are made of various materials, each attracting different overhead door installation costs. Some standard options that cost less include steel and low-cost aluminum. Nonetheless, the overhead door installation cost rises if you opt for a more stylish material like glass. Besides, materials like fiberglass often call for a unique specialist who may charge more than other contractors.

3. Accessories

You may want special features if you prefer distinctive doors that stand out from others. Accessories include unique trim, etched glass, custom hardware, and LED lighting. The additional elements increase the time and processes involved in overhead door installation, hence a higher price.

4. Labor

Professionals charge different amounts for labor. In most cases, the contractors consider an hourly rate. The expertise needed to do overhead door installation also helps determine the labor charges. If the installation involves many complex procedures, you'll likely pay more.

5. Location

Your location determines the overhead installation costs due to the national price differences. Some areas call for permits, especially if the project is big or your contractor has to pull down wall sections. The local building permits cost money, which adds to the overhead installation costs.

6. Design

One of the customizable aspects of your overhead door is the design. Minor customizations are usually cheaper and don't add much to the installation costs. But, you'll pay a higher installation cost if you want more patterns, frames, and windows.

7. Extra Services

Various extra work surrounds overhead door installation. For instance, you may want the contractors to remove an existing door or install electrical wire for the opener. Such services may call for other experts, for example, electricians and concrete contractors. The extra work increases the complexity and number of people needed to handle the project, thus driving up costs.


You may not get the exact overhead door installation cost before the project starts. Nonetheless, always ask for comprehensive quotes from your contractors before the project's onset. You may have to adjust your budget after project completion, but an early estimate lets you manage your expectations. 

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